Weekly creative outlet

MakeSh!t started as an outlet for a group of friends that didn’t get to fully flex all their creative muscles during their day jobs. Over the last several years, the group has explored a variety of media and ways of making. Sometimes the meeting is just an excuse to bullsh!t and drink beer, other times the making is focused and organized, as with our two public art projects.

Move Your Hole

In 2013 we created a minigolf hole now in the permanent collection of the Walker Art Center. The hole takes the game and turns it into a battle of mischief and strategy between friends. Players must choose to either move the hole or take a swing.

Move your hole Move your hole

Public Acts of Drawing

In 2014, Public Acts of Drawing was a real-time, art-making event that merges free-form collaboration with large-scale urban spectacle. The project was a centerpiece of the Northern Spark all-night art festival.

Public Acts of Drawing in action Public Acts of Drawing in action

Other creations

paint and tape the power of public radio

2 watercolor


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